Is Your Office Making You Sick?

Think about how much time you spend “at the office.”  What if the time you spend there is actually making you and your fellow employees sick?

“Sick office syndrome” occurs when individuals experience acute health problems that might be linked to environmental conditions at the office.  Dust, dirt, bacteria and germs are prevalent throughout an office – on desk tops, computer key boards and even in your office carpet.  Think about it, not only does everyone walk on the carpet with dirty shoes, the carpet is also the biggest air filter in the room.  Everything that circulates through the office air, circulates through the carpet.

Sick office syndrome can big a bigger problem than you might think. Breathing in dust has been connected to ”dust pneumonia” caused from over exposure to airborne dust and dirt particles.  Contact with germs and bacterial can lead to colds and other health complications.

Keeping your office clean and eliminating potential hazards can greatly improve your employee’s health and productivity in the following ways:

They’ll Feel Better

If your employees feel sick everyday while at work, it can be hard for them to be productive. Even a simple stuffy nose or cough can leave them feeling distracted.

They’ll Miss Less Time at Work

It doesn’t matter how good of an employee they are, if they are constantly feeling bad because of sick office syndrome, chances are they will miss work. Not only will this cause their work to suffer, but this can make an employee disgruntled because they must use up all their sick days.

This is why it’s important to make sure that your office environment is clean and that your employees aren’t getting sick because of the office is not clean and healthy.

What You Can Do

There’s a lot you can do to keep your employees from getting sick. If you notice that you constantly are having issues with illness in your office, don’t think that it’s just a cold going around. Examine the environment. How often do you clean the office; how often are the air filters changed; do you clean both the hard surfaces such as desks and floors along with the soft, fabric surfaces such as the carpet and upholstery?  Since the carpet fabrics are walked and sat on by everyone and carpet is the rooms biggest air filter, fabric can be a breeding ground for health problems if not cleaned properly.

Our proprietary CitruSolution carpet cleaning process uses the power of natural citrus to clean and disinfect carpet and upholstery. We also provide a bottle of our CitruSolution keep up with the occasional spill, dirt and grime.

We also know that everyone who lives somewhere, works somewhere.  So, for our residential clients we offer a 10% discount on office cleaning.  In addition, for every commercial client we will extend the same 10% discount to all your employees so they can keep their homes clean and healthy.

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